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Afc / March 10, 2017

Across the different Academy age ranges the Bournemouth teams took part in the WordMania competition, using a game that aids literacy skills.

The WordMania game is played on electronic devices with students needing to make as many words as possible from sets of letters within a time limit. The results from the nationwide competition were then recorded to see who came out on top.

Over 400 schools entered the competition alongside academies from a host of Premier League clubs.

The Cherries topped the Premier League tables in the year four, five, six and eight categories, and came only behind Manchester City in the year nine age range.

The results were just as impressive nationally, with all five age groups in the top ten, the year eights as high up as fourth when in competition with all the hundreds of schools, as well as the Premier League clubs.

Adam Roast, academy administration and welfare officer at the AFC Bournemouth Academy, felt pride with what the young players were able to achieve.

He said: “The boys and parents really embraced the competition and realised how much it had the potential to help them out with their literacy skills.

“Our players did an amazing job taking on and getting higher scores than a lot of the other Premier League clubs’ academies and schools also involved in the competition.

Source: www.afcb.co.uk