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Japanese Football Stadiums / November 10, 2016

FCRB_1Celebrating the final day of the season, F.C. Bristol return to SS17 to liven up your team kit. Champions in sport and streetwear, Japan’s favourite fantasy football team have designed a silverware-worthy collection for the summer season.

International football jerseys created for centre spot or sideline style, SOPHNET.‘s fictional sports team F.C. Real Bristol unveil their new kit for some end of season style. Taking you from pitch to street, their vibrant football shirts are accompanied by track jackets that are bursting with post-training appeal.

FCRB_2Retro sportswear is nothing new to streetwear, but F.C. Real Bristol are making sure you turn heads – football fan or not. The classic silhouettes are destined to be trapped between the terrace and pub, decorated in a mix of leopard, camo and star motifs, with the sponsorship logos replaced with F.C.R.B branding.

Now an independent label, the imaginary football club takes the beautiful game out of the stadium and incorporates it into your weekend wardrobe. Of course, bold graphics will award you man of the match – who knows, in a few years’ time maybe we’ll be seeing prints like this on the field too.


Source: www.endclothing.com