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Football Training AIDS

Are you looking to help your team train properly and reach specific goals? Learn about the speed, agility, skill development and recovery training equipment you need.

Get everyone game ready with the right football training equipment. Specialized training tools help players focus on three key areas of performance: speed and agility, skill development and recovery.

Whether you keep training simple with cone drills or want to invest in more advanced football training equipment to improve development, this handy checklist will help you prepare to take your team to the next level.

football training equipment


Speed measures how much ground you can cover in a certain amount of time, while agility refers to how quickly you can change your direction. These two factors can really make a difference when it comes to edging out the competition, so it’s important to use the right tools when looking for results.

  • Agility/Training Cones & Ladders: Great for drills and helps athletes focus on lateral speed and body control. They may also help improve overall acceleration, balance and rhythm.
  • Power/Speed Chutes: Provide resistance to help maximize stride length and top-end speed.
  • Power/Speed Sleds: Help improve overall speed, strength, endurance and acceleration. They may even help strengthen lower body muscles for more explosive performance.


From quarterbacks to linebackers and kickers to wide receivers, every position requires a different area of expertise and focus.

  • Tackling & Blocking Dummies: Essential for contact drills, which can be beneficial for every player.
  • Nets: Help quarterbacks improve their precision and kickers hone their accuracy and control.
  • Defensive Mannequins & Guards: Simulate passing and kicking over raised arms and body heights experienced during gameplay.
  • Receiver Training Aids: Help players focus on catching with their fingertips instead of their palms.


This is an essential part of any athlete’s game. It is a common belief that player’s bodies need some R&R to allow muscles to heal and support peak performance when it’s time for action. Consult a doctor or trainer before using recovery products.

  • Athletic Tape & Wrap: May help support weak or injured joints and muscles. They can also hold heat/cold packs in place and secure cleats, equipment and clothing. Specialized kinesiology tape may support muscles by helping prevent injury without restricting motion.
  • Hot & Cold Compression Therapy: May help with pain and inflammation associated with muscle strains, sprains, swelling and more. Choose from flexible gel compresses and topical applications or more advanced compression wraps and sleeves.
  • Cooling Towels: Commonly known to help athletes stay cool and comfortable in hot conditions. When not used for cooling, these can function as sweat towels to keep you dry during practice.
  • Muscle/Foam Rollers: There’s a variety of massage therapy and foam rollers to help message and stretch muscles before or after workouts. Choose from smooth and textured rollers, as well as options specifically designed for hands, feet and more.