Antrim GAA: All Skilled Up workshop for U8 coaches: Bounching

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The G.A.A has replaced the existing coach education structure with the above framework. The new structure consists of three separate courses which are divided into child/juvenile, Youth and Adult. Within each of these three pathways there are three Levels/Awards, Award 1, Advanced and Master coach. Before commencing Award 1 all aspiring coaches must take the Foundation Award. If a coach has previously completed an old foundation course under the old scheme, that is sufficient for them to move on to the Award stages in the new coaching pathway.


Being a coach can mean of lot of different things to people. Perhaps you work with kids, maybe its adults. The important thing is that you assist or challenge players to achieve their potential. Your aim should should be to nurture the skill and the will of the player over time. You should seek to implement a games based approach to training & development of players. Remember playing is about enjoyment. Players WANT TO PLAY. Everything we do as coaches should have that as our goal.

Coaches should implement a games based approach to training & development and use as a basis to give practical expression to the following motivational ethos: “fun do, can do, we do”. This is the G.A.A. OTu model of coaching. It is also the LTPD worldwide way of developing and progressing players. By doing this a coach cultivates the playing and performance competencies which underpin the skill and win and the associated by-products of this: confidence, commitment, competitiveness and cohesion.