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Japanese Football Stadiums / December 9, 2019

With all meals, transport, and luggage handling included there's nothing for you to do on All-In Japan but sit back and enjoy the ride. Covering Japan's classic destinations with a few unusual twists, this trip is full of cultural experiences to give you a stress-free introduction to Japan. Read more >

Sometimes, a holiday should just be a holiday: a chance to relinquish all responsibilities, make no decisions, and worry about absolutely nothing. On All-In Japan, you'll do just this. Leaving every aspect of your trip to us, from your lunch to your luggage, you'll be free to concentrate on immersing yourself in Japanese culture - safe in the knowledge that you don't have a penny to pay on the ground.

This tour is an exhilarating journey through Japan's history and traditions, from the refined geisha houses of Kyoto to Tokyo's exuberant taiko drumming workshops. Tour the ancient temples of Kyoto and Nara, visit the biggest original castle in Japan at Himeji, and experience zazen meditation at a beautiful temple in deep in the forests of Fukui Prefecture.

Try your hand at wagashi confectionary-making in Kanazawa, visit the fascinating Peace Memorial Park and Museum at Hiroshima, and ride the cablecar to the top of Mount Misen for spectacular views over the Seto Inland Sea. Forget the tour bus bubble - we'll take you to meet the artisans, restaurateurs and small business owners who make all this possible.

It's not all temples and tradition, however, and we'll make sure you're well-acquainted with modern Japan - from an architecture tour of Tokyo to Kanazawa's outstanding 21st Century Art Museum.

One of the great features of this tour is the wide range of excellent evening entertainment, and you'll try a huge range of cuisines in all sorts of settings - including do-it-yourself okonomiyaki pancakes, and drinks at the "Kill Bill" izakaya, plus an evening dinner cruise on the Sumida River.

All-In Japan is all about comfort and peace of mind, but don't let that fool you - this is all-inclusive as you've never seen it before: full-on, fast-paced, and packed full of action.

Important Information

Maximum Group Size: 20

Single Supplement: This tour has a single supplement. This guarantees a single room throughout the tour.

Transport: The tour will use a private coach for most sightseeing and transfers. We will ride the famous bullet train on the transfers between Tokyo and Hiroshima, and between Kanazawa and Tokyo.The day trip from Kyoto to Nara will be by local train. The transfer between Hiroshima Peace Park and Miyajima will be by ferry. On two half-days, you will be exploring Tokyo by public transport with your IC card.

Luggage: Luggage handling between all destinations is included but we still recommend that you pack reasonably light to make your stay more enjoyable. Although there is often a porter service available at hotels, large suitcases might be an inconvenience to you. A small case or bag with wheels or a rucksack are most appropriate for this tour when you will have to carry your bags through the hotel's escalators or elevators/lifts.

Accommodation: All accommodation on this tour has full ensuite bathroom facilities. The accommodation in Kaga Onsen and Kanazawa also offers shared natural hot-spring baths for your enjoyment.

Meals & Drinks: Whilst on tour breakfast, lunch and dinner are included on every full day, plus dinner on your first day and breakfast on your last day. For pre- and post- tour nights only breakfast is included.