Nike football training shirt

Nike Football Training Shirt

The pant’s one-layer structured fabric has a dyed texture on the underside that provides the pop of color. Eight different colors will be available in early 2017. This pant and its unique chameleon effect will also be seen on Nike’s top professional clubs in their training sessions.

The Nike Strike Pant with Flex Technology epitomizes the modern look of football. Nike’s body-mapping research provided critical fit insights that have been incorporated into the silhouette along with extensive athlete feedback. The pant has a generous fit throughout the upper leg area, mimicking the feeling of playing in shorts, and tapers down around the lower leg for a locked-in feel. Fused construction on the front of the shin and an internal band around the back of the calf ensure the pant stays in place and doesn’t obstruct the player’s view of the ball or one’s feet. But, the cuff can be temporarily stretched to accommodate removal of the pants over boots as needed. The pant also has deep pockets with concealed zippers (magnetized to ensure they do not flap against the body), and a breathable, low-profile waistband.