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Nike Football Training Shoes

The “Thankful” features colorful graffiti-like scribbles over a white backdrop, which gives the shoe serious street style. The translucent blue outsole is as cool as Calvin Johnson himself. But this shoe isn’t all about looks; it performs well, too.

Nike’s patented Flyweave technology creates an entirely flexible upper and midsole without adding any excess weight. It’s the perfect construction for wide receivers like Johnson, whose athleticism must be supported by a shoe that allows him to make any kind of jump or cut with ease. Plus, Flyweave gives the shoe a level of durability that stands up to high-intensity workouts.

The lunar midsole cushioning provides incredible comfort for feet that take a pounding over the course of a season. The added relief can help reduce the stinging sensations and soreness felt during practices and training sessions.

The CJ3 combines style and performance to make it the ultimate football training shoe. Snag a pair here.